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Control Message

You may down load a copy of the CSMG Here
( Open it with WinRar )

For your newsgroups file:
alt.binaries.erotica.collections.rars Complete cd collections


alt.binaries.erotica.collections.rars is for the posting of binary files containing complete erotic Photo CD and Video CD Collections. Collections will be posted as a single, multi-volume archive, where the single post is split into 5-10 Megabyte volumes. The single multi-volume RAR volumes may contain CD-R image files (ISO, Bin/Cue, etc), or a collection of files properly ordered for easy archiving, posting and burning.

All posts must be of a completed Photo or Video CD collection, and must also include the accompanying CSV file. CSVs must be verifiable with a program such as Hunter, Pic-Checker, or other csv verification software. Collections can ether be in a Pre-Final, Final or Re-Burn state. PAR/PAR2 SFV and other file verification and recovery methods will be acceptable as well Posting of binaries should be limited to not more than 800 MB per day (by a single poster). The 800MB should cover a single CD, a CSV, as well as PAR and other accompanying file such as NFO/txt files containing information about the collection.

Posts may not contain any of the following:

  1. ) Child Pornography or anything that that is prohibited by US Federal law.
  2. ) Password and/or Encryption protected files/RARs
  3. ) Warez, Cracks, Serials
  4. ) Advertisements, SPAM
  5. ) Flames, Trolls
  6. ) Unmarked Binaries
  7. ) Virus infected posts
  8. ) Photos, Videos which are not contained in RAR files

A FAQ should be written and approved by the users, mainly for the purpose of setting category tags for easy recognition and easy use of filters.

Justification: At present, there is no such group existing within Usenet. There are certain groups posting such files, but not the full collection, in Rars. Full CD posts in rars are prohibited by FAQ, but in the changing times of fast bandwidth, it is to the advantage of the poster and to the recipients to change with the times, and take advantage of the features gained by this vehicle for posting. Posters will take advantage of this method of trading.

No google search has been done, nor is one going to be done. Use of this group will grow through the use of it and word of mouth, word of email, word of posting and announcements in other groups.