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1. What is ABECR ?

ABECR is for the posting of complete erotic Photo CD and Video CD Collections. Collections will be posted as a single, multi-volume archive, where the single post is split into 5-10 Megabyte volumes. The single multi-volume RAR volumes may contain CD-R image files (ISO, Bin/Cue, etc), or a collection of files properly ordered for easy archiving, posting and burning.

2. What is on-topic

All kinds of Complete erotica CD Collections. All posts must be of a completed Photo or Video CD collection, and must also include the accompanying CSV file. CSVs must be verifiable with a program such as Hunter, Pic-Checker, or other csv verification software. Collections can ether be in a Pre-Final, Final or Re-Burn state. PAR/PAR2 SFV and other file verification and recovery methods will be acceptable as well as NFO/txt files containing information about the collection.

3. What is off-topic
  1. Need-requests for fills are off topic unless that request is for a full CD collection. Partial fills that is part of the rar post as in part.01.rar thru part.08.rar is Acceptable but filling a partial needs request must be done in another group.
  2. No post can contain any Child Pornography or depict behavior that is prohibited by US Federal law.
  3. PGP and other types of secured messages are off-topic and should be e-mailed to that person.
  4. The posting of pass worded rars and encrypted rars wither it was done with winrar or encryption applications is off Topic and should beposted in a group set up for such content.
  5. Flooding the group is unacceptable. Posting of binaries should be limited to not more than 800 MB per day. This amount includes the complete CD, and associated PAR, CSV, Index and NFO files.
  6. Posting of software, cracks, serials, is off topic.
  7. Cross posting is rude and therefore unacceptable.
  8. Flames and Trolls are unacceptable and should be reported to the appropriate abuse address.
  9. Spam or Any post of a commercial advertising nature is strictly prohibited.
  10. cancel attacks, unmarked binaries as well as and virus infected binaries is unacceptable.
  11. Any posting of collections not conforming to the Header Construction Secion. Secion 4 of this FAQ

4. Header Construction
  1. The subject line of each post must not reflect the content of the post.
  2. Filenames will be of a generic nature, so as not to reflect the actual content.
  3. All REQUESTS for collections should be made in a generic nature, so as not to reflect the actual content.

4.A Header Construction Explained

 This simply states that the headers and file names for a collection Will be of a Generic nature.
An example of this would be ( SomeCollection-CD01.csv ) could be posted as.
<Group><SC-01><Part 01 of 03 >< File 50/100 >< Vol-01.part.001.rar

 Requests may contain a generic named rar file of the collections csv as in ( YourHandle.rar) with a Header ( <REQ> Some Help Please Thank You ) Please note that the CSV files in side the Requests must be in the Pre-Final, Final, or Reburn State as specified in the FAQ Section Two (2) and in the Charter paragraph Two (2)

 Requests may also be a generic formatted Header as in ( <REQ> SC Vol-04 Please Thank You ) with a body asking for help as nicely as possible for some one to post the SC collection Volume 04 and hope that someone with the SC collection understands that SC means Some-Collection-CD04. :-)

5. General Header Construction
More as a common curtsy then another list of rules to follow but most groups follow some form of Header Construction for requesting information wither it's files or details concerning a post. Most notable Usenet Applications gives the user the option to filter out unwonted posts. So you may wont to follow some or all of the suggestions below.
<ATTN: User Name> Question!!
A message directed specifically to Someone which is NOT a Request.
Re:<ATTN: User Name> Question!!
A reply.
<REQ: User Name> Can you repost SC Vol-04.part.02, blahblah
A request made specifically to Someone to repost something.
<GROUP><S-C CD4> Full Post, SCcd04.part1.rar
A posting of the full SC CD4 directed to everyone.
<UserName><S-C CD4> WIH of your requested fills, filename.part1.rar
A posting to SomeOne of his S-C CD04 needs. SC in this cace would be Some Collection
<REQ> Some help with Hunter
A request made to group.